New stuff coming soon…



The “new” album is now available. You can download it on Bandcamp and pay anywhere from $0.00 to as much as you’d like. It’s also streaming on Spotify.

Also, here’s a video for the last track on the album, “Drop the Bomb Already”.

We have a new album of ten songs recorded between 1999 and 2005 entitled Possible Loss coming out Tuesday, June 25th. That’s next Tuesday. The songs have been newly-mixed and mastered, so they should sound really fresh and shiny. Oh and did we mention it’s pay-what-you-like? That means you can download it for free if you want. Or pay us a hundred dollars, preferably. Groundbreaking stuff, if we do say so ourselves. What’s that? You can’t wait five days? Alright then, we’ll give you a taste. This one’s called Drop The Bomb Already.

Cambridge Wednesday, Pittsburgh Thursday, Brooklyn Saturday. Let’s party.

Event page here.

Rock me Doctor Zaius


First off, thanks to all who came out to the album listening party last week. We had a blast.

Ghost in the Night, our new album, is available now. You can download it from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, and countless other places.

There are also CDs available in a lovely gatefold package which includes four original SSF trading card/postcard/polaroid-type pieces of artwork designed by the band, as well as an SSF sticker. They can be bought via the Bandcamp page, and we expect to start shipping them out at the end of this week.

Want to have a listen before you buy the album? Well go right ahead.
Ghost in the Night by Stereo Soul Future

We also shot another video for the track Watching Circles. Here, go ahead and watch it.

We’re working on scheduling some shows right now, so hopefully we’ll see you at the next one. Stay tuned, and thanks again for your support.