The new Stereo Soul Future album GHOST IN THE NIGHT is out October 14th. More info on that at

Here’s the video for the track THE FREEZE.

Stereo Soul Future – “The Freeze” from Stereo Soul Future on Vimeo.

Feb 27, 2011 @ TT the Bears

Almost done with the new rekkid. Comin’ atcha in 2011. Still alive. Just four guys killing time before the show.

We have a somewhat stripped-down show THIS FRIDAY, November 12th at MassArt, as part of Provocative Objects: the extradition. Details at

We’re having great fun recording album #3 and are just now putting the finishing touches on it, and expect to be done by mid-December. Release info, etc. to follow whenever.

Well the exciting news is that we have started recording our third album at Moontower with the wonderful Mike Quinn at the boards. We hope to have it out by the end of the year, though we’re not sure in which format(s) yet.  Vinyl records? CDs? Tapes? MP3s? Lossless FLACs?  What are they?

The focus on recording of course means no gigs for the time being, but keep an eye on this site or any of our various other web presences for any announcements.

There will be a tour in the new year.

On July 9th, we’re playing with a reunited Baby Strange at The Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge. It’s been a while since we played there (shit, it was the Vital Signs CD release!?!), so we’re looking forward to it. We’re on second and the show starts at 9PM. If you’re a BS aficionado and want to hear everything from  the early demo-cum-album Action, to the essential Make Out Sessions EP AND the full-on rock tilt of Put Out, you can attend shows on both Friday and Saturday night for $20. Seriously.

This show marks the 10th anniversary of the first time the four of us  played together on stage.   There might be cake.

Live @ the Armory Cafe

No drums. No TJ. Anything goes.

No TJ. No drums. Anything goes.